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Monday, April 14, 2008

About Raila and Circumcision

Dear Kumekucha

I have read so many derogatory articles and comments about Raila Odinga not being circumcised as the main reason why some tribes in Kenya can't vote for him. I do NOT whether he is or not. I think circumcision is a matter between Raila and Ida. Kumekuchans, I don't know about you but I find this man/woman from Nevada a little bit weird. But I would suggest that we talk in some details on the issue he loves most - Circuncision. Circumcision is a very small thing that should not determine leadership. In my HR Classes i have never seen a chapter called circumcision! If it is there then I have not seen the book it is written in.

But I want to take this issue and discuss it further. It is not that Luos, Tesos, Turkanas and even other tribes fear it. It is only that they do not want to make it a public issue. There are so many people from these communities who have faced the knife but they look at it as a personal issue. Can Njoroge prove that he is circumcised? Can anyone prove that our leaders are circumcised or not? And how does circumcision improve leadership?
I want to assume that Wamalwa Kijana was circumcised because his community practice it. But Wamalwa (RIP) was more junile at heart than any of our leaders. Kijana was known to be a great lover of cartoon programmes on TV than take on serious issues head on. Kibaki is said to be circumcised. But who fence sits more than him? When Kenyan history is written, Kibaki will go down as the fence sitter par excellence! The most indecisive leader we have ever had! A man who sits and watch his wife assaulting his visitors!

And by the way what percentage is the foreskin to the whole human body? I can't get it on an ordinary calculator! If the small skin was the organ for making decisions, then the world would be a very dark place. Why? In a population of over 3 billion Men less than 0.5 billion are circumcised. I quote 'More than 80 percent of the world's males are intact, meaning they retain their foreskins' and about 80 percent of the world's population do not practice circumcision, nor have they ever done so. Among the non-circumcising nations are Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, the U.S.S.R., China, and Japan. People employing circumcision do so either for "health" reasons or as a religious ritual practiced by Muslims, Jews, most black Africans, non-white Australians, and others.

Read more about reason why some people practiced circumcision in Caucasian population. So called "health" circumcision originated in the nineteenth century, when most diseases were of unknown etiology. Within the miasma of myth and ignorance, a theory emerged that masturbation caused many and varied ills. It seemed logical to some physicians to perform genital surgery on both sexes to stop masturbation; the major technique applied to males was circumcision. This was especially true in the English-speaking countries because it accorded with the mid-Victorian attitude toward sex as sinful and debilitating'.

If only circumcised populace were to rule this world, then we would still be in stone age. The Wright brothers were not Circumcised. If their contributions to aviation was to be ignored because of the fact that they had foreskin than where would we be today? And many more.

Not that only 1% of white population in NewZealand and Australia are circumcised.

What is my poin in all this? The foreskin does not matter in issues of leadership. All that matters is individual capability and capacity.

In any case, those hybrid humans who have met the knife should be able to give birth to hybrids only i.e. born already circumcised! But because this is not possible means that circumcision is not important except for health and hygiene reasons only!

By the way I met the knife too but do I say... It does not add any tea or ugali on my plate! It is a matter between me and my wife. It does not affect my work at all. Period.


Anonymous said...

For all those who think circumcision it's a very important thing, plastic surgeon in the west are making a fortune from the few 'cut' dudes wanting their foreskin back. If you don't believe me just google "foreskin restoration".

Just think about this; few years back a grown up man sued his parent for "barbaric mutilation" against his will while he was a baby and he won.
Most women don't care if a man is cut or not. Some prefer 'uncut' as sensation is more intense.
By the way I am a woman.

Auntie Jane

Anonymous said...

It is cruel to cut a baby boy, some have died of circumcision. Years ago operations were carried out on babies without any pain killing drugs, partly because the medical profession believed that babies did not feel pain and partly because the doctor was unsure what doseage was safe to use on a small baby. Some of the babies died of shock.

Anonymous said...

Yes, foreskin cutting brings more food on plates. It is edible, mwanangu.

Anonymous said...

For the dirty folks who lack water to clean it regularly, i think it is better when it is cut.

Anonymous said...

Some faiths demand that the fore skin be cut. Are these people really religious?

God made you perfect on the 6th day before he went to relax. It is anti God to make unnecessary changes on your body. Primitive peercing included.

The Luos stopped to remove their 6 teeth because Tetanus was done away with long time ago.

Traditions are dynamic. Since we clean ourselves with water and soap regularly, I dont see why I should be circumcised. Outdated! FMG should be criminalised. It hurts and makes lives of women unbearable during sex and birth.

Anonymous said...

What is a big deal with a skin? Is there a difference with the foreskin and another one on the butts or on the toes, etc? It's all the same. The skin doesn't matter and it does not add ugali on the tables! However due to HIV/AIDS all LUOS should face the knife as a matter of urgency! So, when are you guys facing the knife? Time is NOW including the Primo!

Anonymous said...

God himself did it to abraham after he figured out how boyish he en his people were it became a custom to all including jesus prophet mohamed too.that religeous aspect on medical backyard it reduces risk of s.t.d infections en plus hygeinecal aspect levels up.endeni mtahiri wanaume muache upuzi jinga types!!!!.....


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