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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There are two effective ways of...

...getting search engine traffic.

i) Use relevant keywords and include them in your site. Remember to Kenyanize them by adding Kenya to your keywords to dramatically reduce the competition and get your targeted traffic.
ii) You can register with Google Adwords to place your PPC ads right next to search results.


What if making money online was as easy as running a Facebook account?

Or as easy as running an email account?

Or as easy as minding your own business and living your life?

Actually it can be.

Remember how you used to solve those math problems in school? Hehehehehehe I hear you... you didn't solve them at all. Don't worry I feel you too because Math was also a big problem to me. But we all know that to solve a math problem you need a formula. There are many different formulas. Some complex and some very simple.

In this life there are people who use hard formulas to make a living and there are a few who use simple formulas to make a great deal of money.

Today you can choose to use a very simple formula.

1. Join somebody who is already earning a living online
2. Learn everything he knows one simple step at a time (explained like he was talking to a child just starting school, please don't feel insulted, feel inspired).
3. Use those steps to start your own online money making project. This is one way you will be earning money from this
4. Share in his profits which you will also help generate. This is the second way you will be earning money from this.
5. No complex websites with tons of text to read and understand. Instead one brief simple email every 5 days showing you just one simple thin to do.
6. Join now and you will soon realize that this is the best decision you ever made.

All you need to do is send an email now to;
Yep that's all. Nothing else. How simple can it get?
Don't hesitate just send that email now and prepare for elementary school classes every 5 days.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is poor education and a cheap attempt to sell links. Nice try guys, but you have no class and no real smarts.


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