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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The link ad you have just...

...clicked on to get here can be yours, generating lots of traffic for your site for as little as $5 or Kshs 350. Online advertising where text links are used can be extremely effective. If you have any doubts then consider the fact that you are reading this. You arrived here via a text link at the high traffic Kumekucha site that receives thousands of visitors daily. And not just any visitors but a captive audience some of whom should be visiting your site and purchasing your products or services.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can book your advertisement in Kumekucha now and start seeing your hit counter moving for once. Take advantage of our very low introductory offers. This offer is valid for a short time only.

Link Ad Published for two days===========$10 or Kshs 700
Link Ad Published for one full month=====$140 or Kshs 9,500

Link ad published just below the Kumekucha
masthead for one week (7 days) =========$220 or Kshs 15,000 weekly(Strictly 5 positions only).

Special company profile feature with photographs etc, complete
with permanent links from the home page for one week. Feature
will also have links to your site====================$550 or Kshs 36,000.

Email our Ad sales rep in the USA at
or email our Ad sales rep in East Africa

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