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Friday, January 05, 2007

Tribalists Seek To Derail Second Liberation In Kenya

The current crop of older generation politicians are making every effort to ensure that the forthcoming general elections will divert from issue-oriented campaigns and instead dwell on tribal emotions and supremacy. The very thing that has denied Kenyans their so-called second liberation. However if the November referendum is anything to go by, these evil crop of politicians will not have their way this time.

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Anonymous said...

Chris you are dead wrong on this one. You dont need old generation to be a tribalist. Talk to the man on the street and you will be shocked how tribal every Kenyan is. Where do you rank Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga? Are they in your old generation bracket? See whom they sorround themselves with. Did you see the voting pattern in ODM presidential nomination on sat, Sept 1 at kasarani. All the delegates from Nyanza voted for Raila and we expected it, even you. Were they all from your old generation bracket for them to vote for "one of their own"?. We were surprised because all the delegates from Rift Valley did not vote for Ruto. Weren't we? All kenyan are sick and the disease is TRIBALISM.


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