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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ruto saga plus happy birthday Kumekucha brand

Happy Birthday Kumekucha brand
It is with great joy that I celebrate the 8th birthday of the Kumekucha brand. The Kumekucha blog was stated on May 12th 2005. These raw notes were launched in April 2008 and so this is the 5th birthday for the raw notes.

As I look back I do so with pride at how far we have come as a country. Kumekucha was launched with a strong emphasis on political assassinations and historical injustices (see all our old posts for verification of this) indeed when we started strongly suggesting in 2005 that a truth and reconciliation commission be set up to address these historical injustices there was great skepticism over whether it would ever happen in our lifetimes. Not only did it happen but you will also be aware that the TJRC explosive report has just been released and is now in the public domain. You can see the full report HERE.

Indeed if I was to shut down Kumekucha now, I would already have plenty to be so proud of, the stuff that you tell your grandchildren with pride. But don't worry I have no such intentions, if anything today as I celebrate I re-dedicate myself to get even better at what I have been doing for decades and already for 8 years here.

I want to enjoin you in this great celebration and am offering you EVERYTHING that you may still not have for only Kshs 395 or $4.50 (That is the lowest price ever). Current subscribers also have a golden opportunity to extend their subscription for a further 2 years (100 issues) over what they already have for only Kshs 395 ($4.50). 
This ONCE IN A LIFETIME offer is strictly valid ONLY for 24 hours from NOW to 03:15 PM Thursday Kenyan time.

Here is the full list of Kumekucha products (check to see what you don't have);

1. Dark Secrets of the Kenyan Presidency: details how historical injustices started in Kenya and continued through this the most evil office in Kenya from Kenyatta to Kibaki. Usual price Kshs 1,500.2. Political Assassinations in Kenya; Did you know that Mboya warned Pinto that he was going to be assassinated but powerful politicians did not believe the Kenyatta government was capable of such evil? Details of how killings were executed and those responsible covering Pinto, Mboya, JM, Muliro and Ouko. usual price Kshs 1,2003. Mystery Monday: Unlocking the secrets of the 2013 Kenyan presidential polls

4. Why Was Mutula Murdered?

As a valued raw notes subscriber you can get any of the above books at an impossibly reduced price of $4.5 or Kshs 395. Send $4.5 via Paypal to or Kshs 395 to the usual cell phone 0701 333112 (please ensure that you notify me via email as soon as you have sent the funds giving me the cell phone number you used and the email address I should send the books to.

Send the same amount (395) to renew your raw notes subscription in advance for another 2 years (100 issues) when it expires.

To order ALL the books (4) plus a renewed subscription of 2 years (100 issues) of my Raw notes pay only Kshs 895 or $11. Paypal $11 to or Mpesa Kshs 895 to 0701 333112. Pls remember to notify me via email when you send with Mpesa. If you have read 2 of the books you can order the other 2 plus renewed subscription at the same rate.

This ONCE IN A LIFETIME offer is strictly valid ONLY for 24 hours from NOW TO 03:15 PM Thursday Kenyan time.


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