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Monday, January 07, 2013

A wonderful surprise for you from the author of Dark Secrets Of The Kenyan Presidency


I trust that you are doing great.

I have a wonderful surprise for you today. You can get my very popular raw notes for FREE. Yes. My confidential intelligence reports on what is really happening behind the scenes in politics. I have been publishing them regularly since 2008 and you will get all the inside information on what is going on behind the scenes in Kenyan politics complete with all the back issues you have missed. And I am not giving away just one year’s subscription (50 issues). I am giving away 2 years subscription (100 issues).

All you have to do is to order a copy of the complete book Dark Secrets of the Kenyan Presidency at half price (50% off).

The book usually retails at Kshs 1,999 ($25) but today you just need Kshs 999.50cts ($12.50) to get your hands on it.

Here is how to pay for the hot book and receive it instantly (as well as my raw notes) no matter where in the world you are so that you take advantage of this amazing offer;

a) You can use Paypal send $12.5 to the email address:

b) If you are in Kenya send Kshs 999.50cts to my Kenyan representative's cell phone 0701 333112. I will be notified right away and will send you the book and give you a 2 year subscription to my raw notes, sending you all back issues as well as the very latest issue.

Whatever method you choose, do it NOW!!! I am waiting to send you the book as well as back issues of my red hot raw notes.

Remember to email me at  to tell me that you have sent the cash. Make sure you put the words; "Facebook offer" in the subject line.

My very warmest regards,
Chris Kumekucha.

P.S. Let me remind you about what those who have read Dark Secrets Of The Kenyan Presidency have to say about the book;

* "I came out with a very deep understanding of exactly how corruption was launched in Kenya, there was a noble reason that really surprised me."

* "All previous presidents of Kenya were good humble men determined to make a difference only to be changed forever by the office. I now know exactly what people mean when they say absolute power corrupts absolutely."

* “Hauntingly true about the real root of all political evil in Kenya.”

* "Many of the stories associated with the Kenyatta and Moi administration I had never heard before. 50% of those associated with Kibaki I did not know about."

* "Marvelous work by Kumekucha, the book suddenly came to an end, too soon for me and that is when I realized I had been up half the night reading it. Who is this Kumekucha Chris anyway? A seasoned journalist during the day and a mystery blogger at night... perhaps?"

* "Even in the excitement of electing our next president Kenyans have to decide if we really need this office. Most of those who will read this book will like me want the office abolished. Let us have a parliamentary system with a Prime Minister instead."

* "So much blood spilled... and for what???"

* "I now understand Moi, Kenyatta and Kibaki very intimately and exactly how they think... and why."

* Bloody and evil office, the presidency in Kenya.

* "Very entertaining read that reminded me of my younger days when I used to read thrillers like James Haldley Chase. Yet the issues handled here are rather weighty..."

* The real strength of this book is that the writer is angry. Angry at needless blood-letting and lost opportunities. I too felt very angry at the end."

Order the book now at half price and get my Raw Notes for FREE.

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