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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can Kalonzo Musyoka Become The Next President Of Kenya?

Kalonzo cannot become President on his own. He needs the support of other major political blocks.

As events unfold it will be interesting to see what happens, especially within Kanu where Musyoka is still very close to former President Moi and the chief chess player behind current heightened moves to snatch back political power for President Mwai Kibaki.


Anonymous said...

My friend Musyoka read the polls and mistakingly thought he would sail to the State House without a husle. Seasoned politicians understand the importance of polling. Like in a a marathon race, starting at the front does not quarantee one victory at the end.
The polls portrayed Musyoka as the nice guy from Kambaland. Remember nice people finish last.
In my opinion I don't see anything in Kalonzo that convinces me that he can be the president. He does not have the nunbers. It is one thing to be viewed presidential. But it is a different game ball to vigorously campaign and win an election.

Anonymous said...

I think Kenya is not likely to see any thing better than what they have in Kalonzo at the moment.He may not be able to win the election without the help of other politicians,but currently in Kenya no politician can win the election without the help of other politicians.I think among all the politicians in the political arena right now he is the best.Before you think of critistising this take time to evaluate the politicians that we have and do it carefully.


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