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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Swing State In Kenyan Politics

Recent elections have proved that Ukambani, where Presidential hopeful, Musyoka hails from is the "swing state" in Kenyan politics. It’s like Florida in the American Presidential elections.

In 1992 Ukambani puts its’ weight behind Moi and Kanu as food distribution intensified in the vast semi-arid province in the run up to those first multi-party elections, since 1963. Kanu won.

In 1997 Ukambani stuck with Kanu and Moi who won those elections

In 2002 Ukambani switched to the opposition Narc who won those elections

In November 2005 Referendum Ukambani switched to the “No” camp at the height of campaigns. The No camp won.

So what happens when the swing state fields a candidate? Difficult to tell and this complicates things further for the 2007 Presidential elections.

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