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Monday, February 23, 2015

5 Reasons You Need A Website That You've Never Heard About

It is true that there are quite a number of businesses out there that are doing quite well without a website. Others may have a website but it is hardly visited with only a handful of hits every day. You wouldn’t therefore blame them for believing that a website is of little use to them.

So you may be thinking to yourself that your business does not really need a professionally designed website. Actually here are 5 solid reasons why you are wrong.

1. You Can Be Sure Somebody Will Google You
What will happen when somebody is in urgent need of some information or even wants to buy from you and they use their favourite search engine to key in your company name? Or even worse still, somebody needs to check you out and find out more before committing themselves to a buying decision? Chances are that when they do not find you, they will assume you are a hoax or do not exist. In any case even if they think otherwise they are unlikely to want to do any business with you.

We are well into the information age and you cannot single-handedly change the behavior patterns of your prospective clients and customers. The reality is that they visit websites daily looking for all kinds of data and information. In other words if you do not have a professionally designed website, you are losing money.

2. The Competition Has A Website
You do not want your competition to have an edge or unfair advantage over you, do you? But that is precisely the position if you choose not have an online presence when virtually all your competitors do. You can be certain that they will have a much better image in the eyes of the buying public than somebody who does not exist online. They will always end up taking away a lot of business from you.

3. Customer Service Is A Good Enough Reason To Have A Website
Admittedly there are business owners who are sure that their products or services cannot be sold online. However sales of your product is not the only reason to have a strong online presence. Improving your customer service is usually even more important than making a sale today. This will enhance your image and position you as a company that cares about its’ customers. A website can be used very effectively to deliver customer service. For instance you can provide important information like trouble-shooting tips or even something as basic as your customer service hotline. You can also make it possible for customers to download user manuals or guides. It is also worth remembering that your website will always be open 24/7 and 365 days a year, unlike your customer service centre or office.

4. A Very Cheap But Effective Way To Advertise
Advertising is a pretty expensive undertaking these days. A website offers many exciting options for entrepreneurs to advertise for free and very effectively too. Having customers find your products by entering the relevant keyword phrases in a search engine will deliver hot prospects some of whom will be ready to make a purchase right away. All you need to do is a little SEO (search engine optimization) work on your website. You can be sure that going into the trouble and expense of seeking web design services and setting up your site is an investment that will always pay back fast.

5. A Key Profit Centre
Your website can be more than a simple catalogue or brochure. You can upgrade it and create an online shop enabling your customers to select products and pay for them online. And before you know it, you will have an important new profit centre raking in additional revenues for you even as you continue selling your products and services in other ways.

You will need great web design services to create a professional looking website that will deliver all these benefits and much more. You will also require search engine optimization work done on your site once it is up and running. Done properly it will enable your business to rank highly for keywords relevant to what you are offering. Ultimately this will deliver paying customers to you. Why would anybody want to pass up the numerous opportunities available when you have a website?

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