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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dr Mutua’s Inclusion In Visa Ban being Discussed?

As Hardliners In Kibaki Government Reign Supreme

It was here in Kumekucha, early last month that we informed you that the International community was discussing possible Visa bans against prominent Kenyans who have contributed to the crisis in the country.

As you read this 10 Kenyans from both sides of the political divide are already on a list that should be made public soon. This initial list has no surprises and includes mainly individuals who should have had this Visa ban slapped on them years ago. Most of them featured prominently in the infamous Kroll report. As it is some analysts feel that it is too little late. However there is no denying the fact that it will hurt the individuals and their immediate families a great deal. Students will be deported from universities and wives who enjoyed frequent London or Dubai shopping trips will have less to talk and brag about at their next social.

But what should be even more interesting is the next list of 30 that the Americans have revealed that they are working on. Unconfirmed reports reaching Kumekucha indicate that the name of Dr Alfred Mutua the government spokesman may be on that list for issuing inflammatory statements before and after the crisis. Naturally this means that the name of his wife is also on the said list.

If this report turns out to be true numerous Kenyans will be delighted. It is even more hilarious because Mutua has recently released a statement praising the Visa ban and calling for the release of the names of persons on the list.

The so-called government spokesman has behaved in a manner that has put the entire PR profession into disrepute and derision. One friend has described him as “a nasty piece of work.” In fact charges should be preferred against Dr Mutua and his counterpart at the police headquarters, this Kiraithe man for spreading falsehoods. It is ludicrous that Kenyans expect their young ones and future generations to be model citizens incapable of picking up pangas to attack their neighbors when they lack role models and instead have the likes of Mutua and Kiraithe to look up to who repeatedly go on air to spread blatant lies in full view of their own children and even grand children. Remember the widely circulated story from Kiraithe and company to the effect that the clip showing a policeman shooting and killing an unarmed demonstrator in Kisumu was computer generated trickery akin to a Rambo movie? The latest is that the police officer involved, Edward Kirui has been arrested and will be charged with murder. See what I am talking about?

The inclusion of Mutua’s name on the list may just end up saving thousands of Kenyan youths from turning into serial liars and criminals.

Meanwhile the actions of the Kibaki administration clearly indicates that after weeks of uncertainty, the hardliners are firmly back at the helm. The idea of having both an Igad and East African Community meeting in Nairobi was the kind of evil idea that would only have emerged from the Kitchen cabinet. This group of old men seem to have been under the illusion that nobody would think much of the meetings and nobody would guess what their intentions were—namely to legitimize the Kibaki government. Actually this is one of the major causes of the crisis; that is people in the Kibaki government assuming that Kenyans are fools. The EAC meeting was postponed late yesterday and it is clear this happened because of the pressure from the opposition and the civil society.

What should worry Kenyans even more is that the hardliners are fully in charge as the so-called Annan peace talks are going on. It is already quite clear that the Kibaki camp will never change its’ position and they are only at the negotiating table to buy time so that things cool down.

Nothing but divine intervention can save Kenya now.


The Benevolent Swordsman said...

Let us remember that Mutua is but small fry. A professional mouth-piece who should be ignored. However, he is the face of an illegitimate regime that must not be allowed to flourish. All patriotic Kenyans must continue agitating for international pressure to ensure change comes sooner. We cannot afford another five years of a retrogressive, nepotistic, corrupt regime.

-The Benevolent Swordsman

teejay said...

The respect I used hold for Mutua when he worked in Dubai and was fond of posting his constructive articles on our Dailies has all vaporised into thin air.

I keep on asking myself whatever happens to every youthful person who gets absorbed into government positions.

So far only Dame Njoki Ndungu has stood against the strong spells that seem to bewitch every young person that enters government. Laureate Maathai has also done exceptionally splendid. These are leaders who champion sanity and uphold morality with regards to governance.

I wish Kenya had many youthful leaders of this cadre.

I would like to remind Dr. Mutua in my native Language that, "Muongo Hana Likizo, kila kukicha Yuwakimbia."

Je, mpaka lini utakimbia Kaka Mutua, huku ukijaribu pasipo fanaka kufunika tako lisiloweza kusitiriwa ni vazi lako la uwongo? Kwani hujui za sakafuni mbio, ukingoni zakomea?

Type R said...

I've been very cynical about Njoki Ndung'u all these years. But for her independent political stand now, I admire her.

Anonymous said...

Alfred Mutua is a shame to all Kenyans of goodwill. He is proof that it is still possible for an idiot to get a PhD. I just don't know what else this man is. His day of reckoning will come.

Anonymous said...

Mutua is simply a mouthpiece of a bad, evil system. He's trying to keep a job at the expense of intergity.

Anonymous said...

Mutua is the epitome of Intellectual decay which in his case has fast been accelerated by politics. The man has ready answers for anything and everything aand even still has the temerity to defend the indefensible.

He deserves no respect at all and it would be in the best interests of those universities that he attained his doctorate if possible to recall those honours bestowed on him. His conduct is intellectually wanting and bereft of any objective ideals.

All I do is wonder whether he would still have a career in the event that PNU is ceases to be in power???????

Wewe Mutua, uko na jibu?


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