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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Crazy Things Kenyans Are Discussing In Domo

In a recent very heated chat session in Kumekucha Domo, our recently launched chat site, this photograph of Martha Karua, the Justice minister provoked very heated debate.

The subject was how the Minister could seat so carelessly. Many ladies made various unprintable comments about her thighs. (If You click on the image, you will be able to see an enlarged version of the picture and the said thighs in greater detail).
Somebody tried to defend the minister by pointing out that the thighs are scarred because of the very serious air crash accident she was involved in in Busia in 2003. But many of the participants could hear nothing of it.

To be honest a lot of what they said cannot be said here (sorry) but you can catch similar discussions at our chat site. Just go back to our main site and then scroll down on the side to the end of the ads and other details on the side bar and look out for “Userplane webchat”. If you don't see it there, scroll down right to the bottom (some browsers place it right at the bottom). Please be patient and wait for the site to load completely, only then will you be able to see see the small "userplane Webchat" window. You don’t even need to register to enter, just key in any screen name you would like to use and login to discover the crazy things Kenyans are discussing out there at the moment.

Kumekucha himself makes frequent appearances and reveals information that he cannot dare publish here. Stop missing all the action. Go to the Kumekcuha chat site now.

P.S. Others are making special friends at the chat site. Kumekucha recently found a very special lady friend there. Don’t envy him please. And not a word to Mrs Kumekucha (just kidding folks, she knows about it).


Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

I've no words for you Kumekucha. And I doubt odmdamu will have any either. LOL!

odmdamu said...

wanjiku is right,no words. Kumekucha is climbing higher. Long live kumekucha!

Anonymous said...

Martha Karun is from Ndia - and any Kikuyu will tell u they are different from other Kikuyus. They are also experts in cleaning toilets and the like. So dont be surprised.

Kenyan Revelations said...

we first published the picture in our blog and we have more. Did Lucifer slap Moi?

bloggeratti said...



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