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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Simple Rules For Advertising In Kumekucha Hot Ads

- All ads are permanent once placed so you can sell like crazy for years (this offer for a limited time, so hurry and place your ad now).

- This site enjoys huge traffic of Kenyans with money to spend based in Kenya and all over the world.

- However you will appreciate the fact that because this service is free and we do not earn money by charging people to access our site, we are not able to hire somebody to edit or make changes on your ad or to take time to enter too many details without making an error. Therefore we charge a very small token fee for those additional services that is just enough to cover the administrative fees of receiving funds and also somebody's time to post those changes/additions online. Here are the minimal charges for extra services;

a) To edit ads or make changes, including putting other contact details (we allow full contact details).

b) To delete an ad or replace it with another.

c) To add photographs (max of 2 allowed per ad)

d) To link from main news pages directly to your ad (gives you much more traffic and exposure)

e) To place your advertisement In it's own page so that search engines can index it directly, giving you much more exposure. You can also receive comments directly from happy customers and clients on the page. (All negative comments - if any - are assumed to be malicious and are deleted by the site owner).

For each of the above extra services we charge a very nominal $15/Kshs 1,000. Remember that your ad will be permanent and accessible through all the popular search engines like and

Alternatively instead of paying $15/Kshs 1,000 you can introduce 5 people to advertise their services/products here. Get them to email their ads (to and then send us an email pointing to the 5 different ads from 5 different individuals and their mobile telephone numbers. If you are able to do this then we will give you any of the above services for FREE.

Email in your free ad now or send in your changes and additions to umissedthis at yahoo dot com

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