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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kumekucha Announces Birth Of New Movement To Bring The Young To Power In '07

This blogger takes this opportunity to announce the birth of a new initiative called Young Kenyan For President in 2007. The initiative seeks to get a new generation of younger leaders into power both at State House and in parliament.

The aim is to bring together all young hopefuls (born after 1960) and their supporters together to campaign from a united front. You do not have to leave your current political party to join because this initiative is reaching out to young Kenyans across party and tribal lines.

Mahatma Gandhi won independence for India using effective non-violent means. When he started his campaign people laughed and wrote him off. However at the end of it, the then mighty British empire bowed down to pressure and Gandhi had his ay. This blogger is launching this initiative online and in a small way but it is destined to make a major impact in the general elections in 2007.

Most young people have an email address and those who do not have one or cannot access one, can be reached by those who do, using mobile phones. And in this way even those millions of young Kenyans who do not own a mobile phone can also be reached. Our objective is to get our generation of younger Kenyans into power in 2007. It is very possible. Yote yawezekana tukiungana.

Any Kenyan of any age can join as long as they support our initiative to get younger people into power. All they have to do is to send a blank email to the email address below and then promise to be active in group tasks. Group tasks will include recruitment and other simple activities that can be done online to start with. Later, as we register enough young men of Kenya, we will be able to move forward to other tactics and strategies.

I invite you to join now by sending a blank email to:

It is better to try and fail than to regret that you did nothing as our country is taken over by selfish people with only their self interests at heart. BUT mark my words, this campaign will NOT FAIL. Send that blank email now and you will soon see the power of unity and purpose at work.

We will use Internet technology to bring as many young Kenyan political strategists as possible to work out a strategy that we will use together as a group to get a new generation of younger Kenyan leaders into power in 2007.

The mindset in our country is that one needs a lot of money to campaign and win an election. I put it to you that integrity, selflessness and a good strategy is much more valuable than billions of shillings and we are going to prove it here. After all Narc did not in with money in 2002.

Until we are able to hold elections the Interim leader of this campaign is the owner of this list, Kumekucha. This is a selfless campaign (let us not stray into the power hungry habits of the current leaders we have) and I take this opportunity to invite all young Kenyans (born after 1960) -- the younger the better who are interested in contending for any parliamentary seat or the Presidency to join this initiative. Together we can be much more effective.

The core values of this movement are as follows:

1) Fight to eliminate tribalism in Kenya.

2) Fight to reduce poverty by implementing policies designed to increase job opportunities for Kenyans both locally and out of the country.

3) Fight for a bigger say by ordinary Kenyans in the day to day running of the country.

This group is strictly for Kenyans living either in the country or abroad. We regret that at this time we cannot invite non-Kenyans.

I stress again, do not worry yourself about resources, together we will work out everything and not only become an effective force, but the winning team in 2007.

Please invite as many other Kenyans as you know to join, Kenya is depending on you.

Join by sending that blank email to:

Please do it NOW!


Anonymous said...

Its i good idea,but the use of WE and OUR without any details.hey jamaa or jamaaz! feeds the public with info !

Anonymous said...

I like you writing and the ideas and ideals behind your writing. But you have gotten the facts here wrong my sister/brother. It is not 70 percent of young people that have access to the net and even cell phones. More like 25 per cent and that is stretching it. Check out the statistics that ministry of information (the one headed by Mutahi Kagwe) had published soem time this year.

The idea will work very well in about 5-10 years as long as gava does serious rural electrification and opens up internet villages and etc. All the best though.



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