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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Site Claims That Githongo Has Already Made A Deal With The Kenyatta Family

It is the policy of this blog to reveal every piece of information that we come across. Even if it contradicts our own view on a person whose integrity we place very highly.

There are claims that Githongo’s release of the Anglo leasing dossier is a well orchestrated plan whose intention is to have Githongo ending up as the next President of Kenya. According to a post at which we can no longer find, a deal has already been made with the Kenyattas and the deal is that they will not be touched or prosecuted. It is claimed that Githongo’s father having been a PS in President Kenyatta’s government for many years, the two families are close.

My opinion is that this is propaganda and not true (although the site has built a reputation for accuracy over many years). More so because it does not make sense for Githongo to release a document that will bring down close friends of his fathers like President Kiabki’s closest advisors, only for him to spare the Kenyatta family.

I just felt that my readers should know about this claim even, if I strongly disagree with it.

There is something the blog comment said that I agree with though. And that is the fact that Githongo’s biggest challenge in his bid for the presidency will be to grapple with the anti-Kikuyu sentiments that are bound to dominate the next elections. However I believe it can be done successfully more so because Githongo belongs to a generation of Kenyans who abhor tribalism.

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Edwin Gachinga Warima said...

It's not the allegations on Githongo's deal that shocks me - It's that you would actually post something you picked up on Mashada. Nothing against mashada or it's administrator David Kobia (very decent jamaa)...but Mashada's members are teenagers and 20-22 year olds who trade insults,threats and cooked up stories all day (and night) long. These jamaaz are too immature that any sensible Kenyan is easily repulsed by the site's (mashada's) discussions, language and topics in general.
So Chris,to write in your post on Githongo's deal that Mashada has a reputation of accurate stories...leaves me dumbfounded as to which Mashada you are referring to.
Unless there is a or out there that I don't know about.

Chris, C'mon're better than that.
Other than that, I enjoy all your posts and basically think Kumekucha is the best blog out there.

Anonymous said...

wow your thots are just kikuyu like try national u brown toothed jigger infested thieves


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