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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kenyan Makes 300K on His Laptop At Home

Most people think that making money online while in Kenya or East Africa is very difficult. But there are Kenyans already making over 300K a month on their laptop at home with a safaricom modem. The details will shock most. Watch video.

Make Money Online Video Tutorial

Course duration 60 days

This is essentially a part time course. Full timers usually use the extra time to build their own online business (a project which each student must get involved in to complete the course successfully) and make ultimately make quicker progress than strict part timers at the end of 60 days.
- 48 modules
- 1 video tutorial daily on week days
- Each video tutorial is approximately 15 minutes.
- Cost Kshs 2,900 per month or $29 per month.

- Full cost for the entire 2 months course; Kshs 5,800 or $58.

To get payment details and sign up for the video tutorial course. Send an email now to;

umissedthis at

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