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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dark Secrets of the Kenyan presidency

Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency explores the office the presidency through some rarely-told (and some never-before-told) incidences surrounding this bigger than life office created by Jomo Kenyatta and the founders of the Kenyan nation. “This thing” they created grew and became an enormous un-tameable beast that has caused untold distress, suffering and death to Kenyans.

Kumekucha’s account is mostly angry and dissects this subject ruthlessly without fear or favour. The tone is very much that one of his blog which has received worldwide attention sometimes in praise and at other times in condemnation but is certainly a blog that cannot be ignored. The result here is a thought-provoking account that will forever change your views about this all powerful office which has the kind of powers under the constitution Kenyans have lived with for decades that would be the envy of any god.

The Kumekucha blog was launched in May 2005 by a blogger who only reveals his first name, Chris. The site continues to shape political opinion for many Kenyans locally and spread all over the world. This is the first in a series of books that will be published from information researched and written by the blogger known to his adoring readers and sharp critics alike as Chris Kumekucha.

What others have to say about it...

Interesting read. -Nairobi engineer-

It was too short. You left me hanging and craving for more. I sensed there was much more you would have said.
-Joel O.-

Good Book -via sms from John Githongo close to midnight-

Plenty I didn't know about Moi and Kenyatta so that Kibaki chapters looked rather thin in comparison. Was it lack of research or were you scared? - Owen-

Thanx Chris. The best political read I have had in a long time. -Avid Kumekucha fan-

I will give you the good and the bad and I will be brutal. The bad: the book is too brief, I spotted a few typos, you should have left out the Moi bedroom stuff. The good: I thought I understood Kenyan politics until I read this book, I honestly couldn't put it down so your pace is good, there is so much I didn't know about the presidency. Final verdict on a scale of 0 to 10 I would give your book 7. -Molly-

Chris, you'd better not be writing this from Kenya. -Concerned Kumekucha fan-

I have just finished reading Dark secrets of the presidency. I think you are an idiot Chris. This is a potential best seller and you are not advertising it. You can go on sleeping on a gold mine as you get cheered by immature youngsters in your Kumekucha blog. -Deleted comment left by an annonymous reader in Kumekucha blog-

(Kindly add your comment below. ONLY after reading the book)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't like kumekucha coz it destroyed my good friend Jeff Koinange. But I have to admit that this book was quite a read.

I struggled reading through the Morton book on Moi. I struggled reading thru "It is our turn to eat." Both excellent books but really needed concentration for weeks to reach the final page.

This one I read right through in 2 days. Almost got fired though.

Kenyans should ignore the Kumekucha blog but read this book.



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