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Monday, January 21, 2008

Kenya Polls Crisis: What PNU And ODM Are Secretly Planning

Kenyans Should Prepare Themselves For A Nightmare Where Their Worst Fears Become Reality

Since Mwai Kibaki and a few handlers fiddled with presidential election votes and stole the election thus plunging the country into chaos, many Kenyans have come out calling for peace.

Even the media has been convinced to censor itself in many instances (to avoid incitement) for the sake of peace. So far nothing has worked and peace in Kenya has continued to be elusive.

Few have really bothered to ask themselves why Kenya has stubbornly refused to return to the peace and tranquility we had all taken for granted, and the media has continued to play games. Let the world know today that when the police chase rioters into the slum area of Kibera and spray bullets into houses with rather “porous” walls, according to the Kenyan media, this is not news. Only the Standard newspaper under considerable pressure occasionally dares to include such occurrences in a major article somewhere in the newspaper.

Naturally everybody is eager that things should go back to normal as soon as possible. After all our children need to go to school and we need to earn a living and therefore anybody who does not promote peace is the enemy (like Kumekucha. Only that most people do not know that Kumekucha wants peace more badly than most, that is why I have been warning about tribal tensions in this blog for over 2 years now).

It is yet to dawn on the minds of most peace-seeking Kenyans that there is no way that peace will come unless we address the root cause of the problem. I challenge you to tell me how else peace can come. I hear somebody saying; by telling the Luos and Kelenjins to shut up. (That is the “ingenious suggestion” of some commentators in this blog).

It is also yet to dawn on most Kenyans that the biggest hindrance to the restoration of peace are not violent Luos or angry Kalenjins. It is not the mass action called for by Raila Odinga and his gang.

It is the gentleman whom most of you saw seated taking notes as he listened to a carefully selected delegation of private sector personalities (most of whom helped fund his campaign) the pother day in State House. That man calls himself the president of the republic of Kenya. If this was not such serious business, that is laughable. This is the same man whose wife slapped a civil servant in public in front of the poor man’s family. Rumours have persisted that the same woman (who obviously needs medical help) slapped Gitobu Imanyara in State House who is said to have responded with a punch that floored the first lady. Security personnel then descended on Imanyara and caused him serious harm, so the rumours say. The most serious issue here is not whether those persistent rumours are true or not. It is the fact that they can be linked to the so-called president of the republic of Kenya here.

This is the same man who during a campaign meeting last year exchanged words with a member of the public over their rowdy behaviour. I [petrsonally thought that the nexyt thing he was gpoing to do was to personally remove the man from the meeting. PLEASE!!!

This is the one man in Kenya and the entire world who has all the powers to end the crisis and deaths right away. The truth is that at this hour when Kenya needs leadership most, this man does not have the courage to rise to the occasion. But olet me ask a question even after saying all this; Who started the fire in the first place?

Here are 3 options this man has at his disposal to return the situation in Kenya to normal.

1) Resign like a gentleman on the grounds that people doubt his win and spearhead the formation of an interim government whose sole purpose will be to prepare the country for a fresh general elections. I guarantee you this will put an immediate stop to the violence and life will go back to normal for Kenyans.

2) To humble himself for the sake of Kenya the country (he loves?) and invite the opposition for serious negotiations, preferably at a neutral place. This business of inviting them at State House is playing power games when Kenyans are dying. He will not need to step down from the precious presidency for this one and if there is sincerity on his side he will be surprised at the kind of concessions he can get from the folks he robbed in broad daylight last December.

3) Alternatively, since the country is already a police state, to stop pretending that it is NOT and to arrest all opposition politicians declare emergency law and use the military to cow everybody back into line. And while he is at it declare Kenya an African socialist country, dictatorship and a monarchy at that and stop this pretence of trying to fool the world that we had presidential elections in Kenya last December. This can also work like a dream. You will be amazed at what can happen when somebody comes out with the truth. It is true that the truth always sets even evil politicians and entire countries free. This oretence and hypocracy is killing us!!!

Now instead of exercising his powers (albeit obtained dishonestly) the occupant of State House just sits there as his wife slaps people around and his policemen shoot innocent people dead in cold blood (after which the police spokesman says that TV news footage is the work of some creative mind on a computer). Meanwhile he is busy using the one single weapon that has mostly worked for politicians, appealing to the tribal sentiments of his tribes-mates, which by the way is incitement and is one of the major causes of the violence in Kenya. The fascinating thing is that he is dealing with intelligent people and some of his tribes-mates have already seen him for what he is and have come out and spoken boldly. (Thank you Maina Kiai.) There are of course many others, some of whom saw him for what he really is very early on like John Githongo. Githongo fled the country and warned us all, only that we did not take him seriously. Now we have only ourselves to blame because we received enough warnings and in good time too. Or did we think that Githongo wanted an excuse to get residency in the UK?

So while the “sensible” Kenyans continue to appeal for peace and calm, both sides of the divide have a number of nasty surprises up their sleeves for us all.

What PNU And ODM Are Secretly Planning

1) Nobody seems to have noticed that Mwai Kibaki is NOT interested in any negotiations. He is the president and if you don’t want to wait until 2012, meza wembe (swallow a razor blade). He has the total support of the Americans. Mta-do?. This evil super power which most Kenyans believe is angelic and can do no wrong has been making very hypocritical statements in public and doing the very opposite in secret. I put it to you that the illegitimate government of Mwai Kibaki would not last one day without the support of Uncle Sam.

But alas, Uncle Sam does not really care how many Kenyan “monkeys” die as long as their precious plans for East Africa remain in place, especially their policy on dealing with terrorists. The Americans WILL NEVER allow Raila Odinga to be president of Kenya simply because he has said openly that he would fight for justice. The Americans are NOT interested in justice, they are interested in RESULTS and it does not really matter what bloodbath happens in Kenya as long as Americans are safe. What makes matters worse is that George W. Bush is on his last term and so “political considerations” are really not that critical.

Mwai Kibai knows this and as a result will not budge from State House, no matter how many Kenyans die. As long as his immediate family is safe, (including his serial-slapper wife) Kibaki would care less of 1 million people die. The sad thing here is that Raila Odinga and company think that Kibaki will eventually be moved by the deaths of Kenyans. So guess what is inevitably going to happen?

2) Kibaki insiders have been arguing back and forth for weeks now over the pros and cons of arresting the Pentagon top brass and charging them in court. Had they taken this decision early, it may have worked, but now as they dither; it is no longer a viable option. But guess what? The fact that they are still discussing it means that there is a huge possibility that they will carry it out. I leave it to you to imagine what will happen if Raila Odinga and William Ruto are arrested. I have only two words to describe the consequences. SHUT DOWN.

3) The game Mwai Kibaki is playing now is what I call the “vulture game”. The vulture circles at a distance as an able bodied man struggles across the desert without food or water. The Vulture is a very patient bird. It will never attack. It just waits patiently circling all the time to ensure that no other vulture lays claim to it’s prey. When the man finally collapses in exhaustion, the vulture will still not move. It will wait for death. Always circling lower and lower until finally it lands on its’ prey.

The powers of the office of president of Kenya are such that virtually all the holders of the office have often confused themselves for the Almighty himself. With those powers and in the comfort of State House Mwai Kibaki can afford to wait until the peasants have tired of killing each other. Until the so-called brave Kenyans are starving and have to get back to work to feed their families.

So what we should expect of Kenya is another Zimbabwe. Hyper inflation where you will need a car-boot-full of Kenya shillings to buy a few drinks at your local. Mwai Kibaki and his cronies do not believe it will reach there. So far they have successfully propped up the Kenya shilling. In fact the shilling appreciated sharply one day recently when there was terrible violence, tension and uncertainty in the country, some investors Kenya has!

The shilling remains bravely strong above the psychological Kshs 70 mark. Kumekucha’s humble opinion is that the Kenya shilling will hold out for some time, maybe even a month, but when it starts falling, it will fall like a heavy stone.

4) If you are not yet scared then what the ODM side has in store for Kenyans should freak you out. Remember that these guys worked hard and won the general elections, which was then “stolen” from them in broad daylight right in front of the eyes of the world. In case you are not a Kenyan and have no idea what Kenyans do to thieves then let me tell you they execute mob justice and kick, stone and club thieves to death. They love to do that and think nothing of the bloody mess. ODM can not dare do this to the rather powerful thief this time, but I am trying to illustrate the anger they feel.

Especially one man called Raila Amollo Odinga. Let me tell you that the man has not even started doing what he knows how to do so well. Many readers of this blog have laughed off the economic boycott plan. Soon the tears in their eyes will not be from laughter but from crying. Watch what happens in the next few days.

This is what I call holding a man by his balls (pardon my expression). What has driven Kenyan politics since 1963 has been one thing and one thing alone. MONEY. Touch or threaten a politician’s money and you have him by the balls. What does a man do when somebody holds him there, they cry for mercy and submit or they fight back with “murder” at the top of their mind. Watch what happens in the next few weeks as the economic boycott is implemented fully.

Remember that there is a huge middle class in Kenya that voted ODM. In fact just half of it is capable of shutting down a number of corporates in just a few days. The really scary thing is how far these ODM guys will go in economic boycotts and sabotage.

I have been wrong before and I have also been right before, this time I pray that I am wrong but I fear that I am too close to what will actually unfold before our very eyes.

Believe me when I say that only divine intervention can save Kenya now.

Oh, there is one thing Kenyans can do, but it is a virtual impossibility. Our Kikuyu brothers and sisters can all rise up and say “NO” to the dictatorship of Mwai Kibaki. To be fair quite a number of them have already done this, but not nearly enough to make an impact.


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for some time now and I would like to thank you for your perspective on many issues. I may not always agree with them but the important thing is to work together as kenyans to comee to an understanding on hw to move forward.

What puzzles me is the call for Kikuyus should come out and say no to the dictatorship of Kibaki. The truthfulness of teh matter is even though they may have voted for him they do not like the way the country is right now and tehy see that things are going wrong.

Why d they remain silent you ask? Because they are afraid. They are afraid that either way, they will continue to be targetted and blamed for real and imagined faults even though 99.99% of them were not in KICC when the votes were rigged. Its really hard to stand with your country in solidarity when you have seen what your fellow mwananchi is capable of.

There may be others who say that theur silence means that they want KIbaki to stay (and to be truthful, some of them do) but its hard to get the fear of ebing attacked, killed, displaced or raped on the basis of the last name on your I.D out of yourmind as folks blam you simultanouesly for putting kibaki in power when in reality all you did was vote like everyone else and for not doing enough to get him out even though you fear for your life.

Me, I believe that the fight should be taken to Kibaki and his small group of elderly men who are around him. In my opinion, all this talk of what Kikuyus must do to redeem themsleves is dangerous and only goes to prove to some that they need to be punished for whatever reason.

chris said...

Thank you for your comment.

Please forgive me for any insensitivity I may have dispalyed in my writing. It was not intentional. I feel for you because as you quite rightly point out you are my brother.

I pray that together we will find a way of correcting the wrong committed against us all but especially against the Kikuyu community by the man now occupying State House and his henchmen.

For the love of our motherland.


John Maina said...

Chris as a kyuk am saddened by the state of affairs in kenya. But even more saddening is how the kyuk pple are reacting to this saga. I interact with many everyday. Its sad that both educated and the uneducated can say the things many have been saying.
Raila can never rule kenya. it leaves me wondering whether he is not a human being like me and you.
Luo's are violent. its crap i got many luo friends who are not violent and dont even support raila. I got many kyuks that are violent and dont even support kibaki. The generalisations is so saddening.
Others are even saying that raila is the cause of the violence. Yet they forget the principles of cause and effect. What is happening is the effect of what kibaki caused.

I pray that many of my brothers and sisters will see sense coz their mentality is what driving kenya back and causing all the problems. Will be writing more on this at some point.

jeff said...

I just read this in the East African
In December 1980, Uganda held its first presidential elections. Milton Obote was declared the winner of a poll that international observers monitored and declared to be far from free or fair. A losing aspirant by the name Yoweri Museveni, refusing to accept the decision, led 27 men into the bush to wage a bloody six-year guerrilla war that brought him to power, where he remains more than two decades later.

The government of Milton Obote, on its way to defeat, killed over 300,000 Ugandans. Kenya looked on, refugees crossed its borders, and many Kenyan children were taught by Ugandan teachers on the run from a country that had become the bone over which men of outstanding viciousness and cynicism fought.

Lesson to Kenya: Beware those thwarted by the ballot and refused the right to organise peacefully, come to believe that the only course of action open to them is the bullet. This may not be decided by the opposition of the day but perhaps by one of the millions of now-unknown Kenyans who feel left out of the process of governing. Perhaps we should learn also that power-sharing is national survival and not merely a procedural choice.

gal africana said...

I am also a kyuk. A kyuk who was intially biased towards Kibaki bacause I thought he was doing a good job reviving the economy. I have however changed my mind, its not enough for him to revive the economy...he also has to practice responsible politics that ensure that the ruling party and the opposition are fighting about how to develope this country and not about who has a right to the seat of power. The elections were rigged. Thats a fact. All Kikuyus! But ALSO all Kenyans should protest to this. Not because we want Odinga or Kibaki in power, but because we want a functioning democracy where kenyans regardless of tribe, feel included and heard.
We cannot look to MK or RO for leadership at this time especially when the real posibilty of full scale war is staring us in the face. At the end of the day I think the all common Kenyans should unite to ask for justice for all kenyans....for all the ODM supporters who feel the "presidency was stolen form them and that kikuyus are to blame for their poverty" and for "all the families that have lost more than ever imagined possible". My hope is that we get a leader who understands and stands for this justice. That leader is neither MK or RO.

Anonymous said...

Chris you sometimes amaze me. I have not read your blog for quite awhile and was really hoping for something different. You of all people should strongly be pointing out that this a national issue and stop putting tags on Kikuyus and the rest of the Gema community. They are victims in all this as much as all the other kenyans(at least the intelligent ones). I voted for ODM and was expecting some real change and thus my anger at all this lyncing of the entire community for the sins of a few. My view even as you forecast all manner of apocalypse is that Raila should rise to the occasion and bring the goverment down in Parliament through a vote of confidence. Otherwise the other kamikaze tactics will not work with a guy who is not moved and is just cocooned in state House while people continue to die!

think said...

Those asking Raila to push for a vote of no confidence as a way of removing Kibaki forget that:
1. The constitution has to be changed allowing MPSs to retain their seats in th eevent the president is send home thru a vot eof no confidence. Without such a law, MPs will not vote to go home with the President.
2. In order for such a law to take effect, Kibaki- as President - as to accent to it. He can not sign himself out of office!

Anonymous said...


i am the anon who wrote the first comment. thank you for your reply. i am hoping you will make a post on that very issue.

and for future reference, im a woman :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kenyans,
I have read almost all posts and comments herein. As a Kenyan in the Dispora I am both an employer to several people back home (directly and indirectly) and a huge tax and forex remitter to the republic of Kenya. We keep the economy running. Our money reaches the ground - mashinani. Last year UN stated that our remittances are more important to Kenya Government than donor funding. But most of us are so vulgar and twisted in our comments and tribal linage. I read several Kenyan blogs and I wonder how some of us in the Dispora managed to leave Kenya with such narrow perspectives and trivial thinking.
On the issues you have raised in this post, I am very grateful that there Kenyans who see things are they are on the ground now. I do not want to blame my Kikuyu brothers and sisters per se for what is happenning in Kenya currently but Kibaki and his cronies. But I may blame the people of Mt. Kenya region for what they did and how they reacted after the 'declaration' of Kibaki president. I heard over BBC worlds service and saw on Aljazeera Tv as people of Nyeri, Greater Meru maua chogoria etc celebrate the Kibaki'win'. I did NOT believe that any Kenyan of average intellect could think that 1 and half province(s) of Kenya could elect Kibaki on their own.
Morever some of the promises Kibaki promised Kenyans have started to fall apart. The free secondary education mallaky was a hoax.
Finally, that we need peace is an understatement. We demand peace - it is one of the pillars of humanity. But we first and foremost demand JUSTICE. Before we talk peace we need to know why we lost it in the first place! We had peace. How and why did we loss it? So we need to sort the reason why we lost what we had (peace) in the first place. Look at this simple scenario; You have Kshs. 1,000 in your pocket in the morning. Come noon you find that you do NOT have the money. You look at your pocket and realise that there is a large hole there. Querry, do you go to the bank for more money and put it in the same pocket or do you mend the pocket (if you can't get a better trouser) then go to the bank for more money lest you loss it again.
So let us sort the cause of our problems. The rigging of elections. Fullstop.
The rest is just going round the main problem.

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled on this blog, and I must admit that I am impressed by the kind of maturity being displayed by its contributors. This is the sort of thinking that Kenya needs at this point. Kibaki is in office illegally and any sober Kenyan knows that. I agree that we shouldn't just be preach peace. Justice must prevail for Kenyans to enjoy peace. What Kibaki did is not acceptable. I don't look at him as Kikuyu, but I look at him as a leader who has failed his people. As a people, we can't condone such acts.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. This is the first time ever that I've seen the US behave in a very civil manner. Remember Hempstone? As for the Brits....#@%$*?!!

b real said...

This evil super power which most Kenyans believe is angelic and can do no wrong has been making very hypocritical statements in public and doing the very opposite in secret.

some documentation of this in the report Coup in Kenya (Pt. II): Exploring U.S. influence in the Kenyan Elections (in case you missed it)

macs34 said...

I give it to yo; and just in case, this "Thieves" gova stays to see the end of this year, which i doubt, it the likes of Karuas and the Mungaanas & Kimunyas who will say; 'we wantedto take Kenya high on economy' yet ODM wilitu zuiiya! watch them words!

Any way i am not waitgn for that either since they will never see

kaburu said...

I must say that this time around, you have overdone yourself. Many a times I have read your comments and agreed with your position on a subject you have discussed here. But not this time. Like many others, you have come to believe that Kibaki is the man holding the longer end of the stick, i.e. he stole the elections. One would beg to ask if you were there when the stealing took place or you are simply repeating here what you have read and heard being written and said by others. At the pain of seeming like an apologist for the man in statehouse ( which I assure you I aint) I am yet to read from you that the protagonists in this saga did rig and steal the votes too. Is it because you dont have 2nd or 3rd party info on this part of the issue that you can write about?
You are singing this song on mono. Give us the other side of the coin.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot has been said about the current situation facing the country and the real causes, but let me play the devil,s advocate, i think we are all going to far by putting all the blame at Kibaki's front yard. True the election had issues of credibility, and going with the facts available from numerous sources, both sides had anomalies on their side, so the current issue is like two thieves accusing each other over a major theft that has benefited one party and left the other bruised. The Economist (05.01.2008:p.34) was decent enough to admit the Raila's supporters were not innocent, there were irregularities in Nyanza,it's these irregularities in Nyanza that many people are overlooking by assuming that it was meddling in Central that was decisive, and as someone put it, fraud forensic experts would find this assumption disturbingly biased.In any democratic system such issues will definitely happen and we are grappling with issues that many other democratic countries have dealt with in the past. The US, Ukraine, the Philippines...what we have failed to do is sort out this mess the right way. I want to put it you that the courts are the only way that justice can be found, and before you start the analogy that it has been tried before hear me out. If we don't use the courts as other democratic states have done then we will have eroded all chance of such disputes being sorted out rightly ever again. Let me ask supposing ODM were to go to court and give the courts a time ultimatum , while at the same time request for judges from the commonwealth to be included in the panel of judges or a neutral agreed upon panel of judges to hear and determine their petition, wouldn't that work? while at the same time uphold the value that societies have given to such institutions? Why are we so quick to seek street justice? and supposing Raila had been declared the winner and PNU disputed and there was mayhem what would have been their advice to PNU? Lets be objective about issues even the clashes in the Rift valley, Kiuks are being killed for nothing that is their own fault and similar actions in 1992 are what ensured that in future the tribe never trusted anyone but themselves,these guys are over 22% of the population, with a voter turn out exceeding 80% as a block they can ensure the turn around of any election, check your statistics, all they would need was an average of about 30% in every province and over 95% in central and a bigger chunk in Eastern and that was it. Voter turn out in Central was remarkable coz like some one put it they were haunted by the fear of Raila heading the state. This fear is not unfounded, in the R/Valley the kiuks were damned whether they voted for Kibaki or not and they had been warned. All said and done shifting blames and theories will not solve the problem,lets agree to put faith in the judicial system by challenging it with the task at hand and like i said the EU, AU and all the rest can bring in their judges to seat in, then after that we can decide based on the findings whether to accept them or if they are unfavorable or uncredible then we can plan for a re-run. The re-run would have to take into consideration the many displaced people many without the voters documents, they would have to be facilitation for these people to go back to their homes and be allowed by their former neighbors to return or for enough security to be provided for them to resettle and get new voters documents, then we can have the re-run. The only other option i see is escalation which will eventually bring the chaos to every door step from Runda to Mathare, outlawed gangs having a field day as they rule the entire expanse of our slums,we men may die on our feet fighting each other but what about our women and children what this country needs is another Mahatma Gandhi one who will lay down all ambitions for the sake of justice and by justice i mean justice that will be favorable to all sides, this can only come through a neutral court decision expediently.I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Jambo Mingi...
Was going through your article and this time i got to say that you are wrong. The fact that you mension that votes were stolen in favor of the President MK. Hold on were u at the poles to note and acknowlege that what is being said is actualy true. Well, let me say that Rigging is something that has been practised all over the world and in the fact we have no direct prove of it, we just know it. If it did happen, note (IF) would i be wrong to say that RO did also rigg only that his party rigged less. By the way what if we turned the tables and RO won and we very well known he had stolen votes would he acknowlege that and step down for MK?.
Point is, no matter what happened, happened and there are ways for it to be sorted out. I can support MK for not adhereing to ROs demands. not as a point of demeaning himself but for the fact he is standing strong for what he belives he won. We all do this many a times.
fools are those who are throwing stones at each other while the families of the 2 Leaders MK and RO wine and dine every other day and sleep in 6 by 6 luxury beds. U and I are not throwing stones!!! why??? guess we know better!!... All we pray for is peace and there is no kyuk or Luo in this we are all Kenyans and we are all suffering the same in some way or the other.

Anonymous said...

At long last you expose yourself for what you are. You really make me sick. Which constituency did Kibaki steal votes???? Are you better than James Orengo who spent 16 hrs going thru those results and came up with nothing? Why in Luo Nyanza voter turnout was, in some cases, 97%? Luos stopped dying to vote for Raila,ama?
I know you wont publish this but surely I have no words to describe you. Who destroyed Kisumu town and who is suffering? Why do you think that the eminent person come here and leave quietly ama Kibaki anawapatia ugali? They see the ODM lies/propaganda and evidence of rigging. Election is no about perspective but numbers.

Disgusted faithful reader

804063 said...

Pls can somebody post the constituencies where Kibaki or Raila rigged ?

As a guide any constituency registering more than 85% turn out should be treated as suspect.

Anonymous said...

For all of you who believe Kibaki won,why was he sworn in one hour after the results were announced? what was the hurry for,i might not question the rigging part but why was he sworn in in such a hurry?

Anonymous said...

A leader is God chosen,thats why you take the bible and swear infront of humanity withought fear,kibaki the christian he claims to be wasnt even blessed by the church during his swearing in.But i never worry Mungu halali na havai kinyasa,God shall deliver us,i pray that Raila doesnt get any evil temptations to try and use other means i believe he is a true democrat and he has proven so far by being very calm and dignified during this whole issue and i hope he stays that way since i believe Kibaki has no plans of leaving office or negotiating and i think Annan is wasting his time,those guys will never give back that seat


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