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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Bitcoin Exchange Rate

Whatever anybody says and whatever the current Bitcoin exchange rate is, we firmly believe that this currency is the future. And the future is already here. Why do we dare make such a sweeping statement? Mostly because this digital currency does NOT have the fatal flaws of easily printable paper money. And so we will keep watching for you the Bitcoin exchange rate to USD and the Euro regularly.

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March 11th 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 293.74 USD

March 11th 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 277.90 Euro

March 6th 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 275.73 USD

March 6th 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 250.13 Euro
March 4th 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 278.68 USD

March 4th 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 250.20 Euro
March 3rd 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 269.48 USD

March 3rd 2015; 1 Bitcoin equals 241.50 Euro


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