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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TOP SECRET Kumekucha offer

Start with this FREE of one month 30 day trial to my raw notes before you move to the bigger gift below.

February is the month that the very first political assassination in Kenya happen 49 years ago.

It was the morning of 25th February 1965 and Pio Gama Pinto (pictured) was reversing his VW Bettle from his compound somewhere in Westlands close to where Sarit Centre stands today. On the back seat was his young daughter whom he was taking to school. A man at the gate called out his name (most probably to identify and confirm that it was him) and when he looked two shots rung out. This gallant Kenya slumped on his steering wheel, dead.

In addressing the nation's problems today we cannot escape the past. And so to raise awareness of this and other political assassinations in Kenya Kumekucha is highlighting this significant month of February by offering one of my best selling eBooks Political Assassinations in Kenya (covers all other political assassinations). And I am offering for almost FREE!

The book has been selling at Kshs 990 ($12). What do you think I am offering it for?

Half price at Kshs 495/- NOPE

Quarter price at Kshs 247.50 NO WAY.

It is available at the top secret price of ONLY 
Kshs 99/- or $1.20cts

And that's not all. When you purchase this important book you will get a one year FREE subscription to my Kumekucha Raw notes and my much acclaimed Kumekucha Real Time Intelligence Reports.

Only 99 bob ($1.2) for the following
1. Full version book Political Assassinations in Kenya (usual price Kshs 990)
2. One FULL year to my Kumekucha Raw notes (usual price Kshs 999/)
3. One FULL year subscription to Kumekucha's Real Time Intelligence reports (usual price Kshs 1,850/)
Total: Kshs 3,839/- 

SAVE all that and pay only Kshs 99/- $1.20 

Hurry because this very unique TOP SECRET FACEBOOK offer expires in exactly 19 hours.

Send $1.20 via Paypal to or send Kshs 99/- to my rep in Kenya, cell phone 0701 333112 OR You can also send Airtel money to 0787 625261 (if you use Mpesa or airtel money please ensure that you notify me via email at as soon as you send the funds giving me the cell phone number you used and the email address I should send to.)

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