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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Online Advertising: The real secret behind the Google billions

Many people still don’t quite understand why Google has been so successful with their online advertising business.

Let me give you a hint by repeating a great marketing truth here. Here it is:

People will mostly buy when they are ready to buy.

Just think for a moment about a recent purchase you made worth at least $500 or more. It is unlikely that you did it as a result of being pushed or pressurized by some pestering salesperson. Chances are that you decided it was time to make the purchase and you purchased from the place you had easiest access to. It is that simple.

Now how have Google used this great marketing truth to make billions from PPC ads?

Thank you, I never thought you would ask. Here is the answer.

Google invented PPC (pay per click advertising). The whole idea behind the ads placed next to search engine results was to make them relevant. Yep!! RELEVANT. Meaning that for instance people searching for affordable laptops on the Google search engine would see ads next to the search results advertising affordable laptops and nothing else. Chances were that somebody searching for information on affordable laptops was looking to buy and were ready to buy. So the ads selling laptops would be very relevant.

And because it was relevant it would be welcomed as valuable information. Advertise the same thing on search results for affordable used cars and you would end up upsetting them with the same information that others find valuable. Actually there is a name online for unsolicited irrelevant information. It is SPAM. And in many parts of the world it is a criminal poffence to SPAM people. That is how upset folks get.

Now all this sounds obvious but the truth is that it isn’t. Most people are more interested in how many people will get to see their advertisement and will only ask about the target audience later. The Google guys realized early that relevance is much more important than hits and it is better to have your ad in a site where only 10 people see it and yet they are 10 people looking for what you are advertising and mostly ready to buy right away, than it is to have your ad on a site where one million people will end up seeing it.

It is that simple.

And so the way to make free online advertising work for you is to make sure that the people who read the site where you are posting your advertisement are the people you are targeting. If they are then chances will be higher that they will be ready to buy which will dramatically improve the response you get from your free online advertisement.

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